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New York City Beer Guide

Last Updated 2018-05-15

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy beer XYZ?
We don't know! Please don't ask us. If it's a good beer and it is available in New York, it will be found in one or more of the good beer bars, and in one or more of the good beer stores. When in doubt, ask the brewery. Google is your friend!
Why isn't my bar listed?
Well, perhaps because we don't know it. Or because we feel it's not up to our criteria. There are no hard rules, but in general we weigh the positives (variety of good beers, good location, quiet or interesting environment, knowledgeable and helpful staff) against the negatives (number of bad beers, already saturated neighborhood, TV screens, loud music, obnoxious customers, obnoxious staff.)
How do I get a beer event at my bar listed?
Tell us! But if it's sponsored by some megaswill multinational, or it's an "all-you-can-drink" frat booze-up, forget it.
Do NYC breweries offer on-site tours?
It depends on the brewery. Some breweries offer tours at select times and could require advance reservations. For an all-inclusive look behind-the-scenes of multiple New York breweries, City Brew Tours NYC offers daily public and private brewery tours throughout the city. Tours include 15+ different beers, a beer and food pairing meal and comfortable roundtrip transportation. (not affiliated with the New York City Beer Guide)
Is there a homebrewing store in the city?
So, where do I find other homebrewers?
Where can I refill a growler?
The NY Daily News has an article on the subject (8/22/08), with many addresses. Check it out.
If the link dies or the article becomes inaccessible, please tell us!
In addition (see above): Breukelen Bier Merchants, Brouwerij Lane, Eastern District, the Pony Bar in Hell's Kitchen, Good Beer in the E.V., One Stop Beer Shop (Greenpoint/E. Williamsburg), Vintner Wine Market, and at "Brew York City" inside the Duane-Reade stores on Bedford in Williamsburg (btw N. 3rd and 4th, open 24hrs) and at 2069 Broadway (72nd St) in Manhattan.

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